-This Extender is ideal to extend your WiFi Coverage up-to 1800 sq. ft.
-It can provide the highest speed of 1900 Mbps making it ideal for 4K Hd streaming and online gaming.
-These are equipped with the latest smart roaming and Mesh Technology which lets you stay connected to the best available network.
-Connect 30 devices.
Ex7000 Netgear Extender Setup

Setup Netgear Ex7000 via WPS

  • Plugin your Netgear range extender close to your router.
  • Wait till Netgear logo becomes stable.
  • Now push Wps on the extender.
  • You will observe both 2.4GHz plus 5GHz and device to extender link light will start blinking.
  • Within 2 minutes you need to push the WPS on the router.
  • Once configured the lights will stop blinking and you will have solid green lights on 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • You can now unplug the Netgear Extender and place it halfway between the router and the place where you need a WiFi connection.

Setup Netgear Ex7000 Extender via

  • Firstly turn on WiFi on your wireless device like a computer or cell phone.
  • In your WiFi list, you will see Netgear’s default extender name showing up i.e. Netgear_Ext.
  • Join that network and open a browser like ( Google, Firefox, Safari, etc).
  • Now in the URL type or
    NOTE:- In case doesn’t work try resetting the extender.
  • On the Setup page, you will see “New Extender Setup”.
  • Create an Account there.
  • It will then scan all the available networks in your area.
  • Select your main WiFi network name among the list and type the password.
  • It takes around 60 seconds for extender to save the settings.
  • Once you have solid green lights on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz, unplug the extender and place it halfway between the router and the place where you need the Internet.
  • Finally, for optimum speed place this Ex7000 Netgear extender away from big appliances.
Netgear Ex7000 LED Status

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