Extenders are set up to check the latest firmware each time it starts until you have changed the settings. In this article, we will learn “how to check for Latest firmware for your Netgear Extender manually”.

Netgear firmware update
Netgear Extender Firmware Update
  • First of all, you need to go online on your extender settings page.
  • You can do that by directly connecting your WiFi device like computer or cell phone to extender’s network
  • And going online on or the assigned IP address of your extender.
    NOTE:- you can check the assigned IP address of your Netgear extender by looking into connected devices on your router settings page. Or else simply download the Netgear genie and it will show you, your extender’s IP address in connected devices.
  • Once on the Extender Login page punch in your username and password.
  • Click on menu icon>>settings>>firmware update.
  • Moreover, you need to hit check the online option to check for updates online.
  • Once new firmware will be available you will just have to follow the on-screen instructions to download it.
  • Lastly, after completion of the update, the extender will reboot itself.
    IMP:- Do not turn off your extender, computer or cell phone on which you are updating the firmware in between the process. It might corrupt the firmware of your Extender.
    NOTE:- The firmware file will show up in your download as .chk (extension)

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