How to do Netgear EX5000 setup using

Netgear EX5000 Extender Setup  is considered as one of the finest extenders when talking about the internet connectivity. It increases the wi-fi speed of your router. Netgear EX5000 covers the Wi-Fi range upto 1500 sq.ft and connects to 25 wireless and wired devices such as smartphone, tablet, IP camera and many more. Netgear EX5000 WiFi Extender is a dual-band upto 1200Mbps and give you a really great working internet speed upto 25Mbps. Netgear EX5000 AC1200 shows sucha a great compatibility with any wireless router, Netgear extender setup also supports wireless security protocols and provides you full HD streaming of movies, songs and you can do any work on your laptop and also you can play HD games. So, save your time and let’s the process begin.

Procedure of Netgear EX5000 Setup:

  • Locate your Netgear extender EX5000 AC1200 near to the main Wi-fi.

  • Plug in your extender to the power supply for New extender setup and look at the power LED light that is visible.

  • There are two procedures to connect and setup netgear ex5000 through WPS or via internet browser.

  • To use WPS method connect the main Wi-Fi main router to the extender and press the WPS button on both the devices respectively.

  • After that use the internet browser to connect with your Wi-Fi network IP with the laptop or PC.

  • Then, type mywifiext in the address bar and press enter, then select the wifi network you want to boost up.

  • In future, they will ask you for login credentials, add username and password.

  • Now click on the continue button and set the security settings for the extended wifi network.

  • Then press the next button and you are complete with the Netgear EX5000 AC1200 wifi extender setup procedure.

Now, place your Netgear Extender Setup in the desired location where you want to extend the network and connect the PC, tablet, smartphone etc to the new wifi network and be entertained by the extended signals.