New Extender Setup

Link to Gigabit Ethernet Port for fastest possible speed. Netgear Extender Setup to the power outlet near your router via Netgear Ex6400 Range Extender Setup Plug in your Netgear AC1900 Ex6400 Extender. You will find an amber light on the power which turns to solid green once the Range extender is ready for Setup.

New Extender Setup 

Extremely high WiFi Speed up to 1900 Mbps which makes streaming HD videos and online games easy. -Mesh Technology keeps you connected to the Internet by switching automatically, even while you are roaming in your home or office.

NOTE: If you do not have any lights after powering the Netgear Extender Setup, press the ON / OFF power on the left side of the extender.

Web Setup via

  • Connect your desktop or laptop to Netgear ‘s default extension name, i.e. It’s Netgear Ext.
  • You can do this by searching for Netgear Ext in your WiFi list and connecting or connecting your computer to the Ethernet chord directly to your Range Extender.
  • Once connected, open a browser such as (firefox , safari, etc).
  • In the Address bar or URL type or, you will be taken to Netgear’s offline page, i.e. NEW EXTENDER SETUP.
  • Hit the new extender setup, then create a profile by entering your name, password, and more options it ask for security questions.
  • Once you hit Next, you will start looking for available networks in your area.
  • Select your main WiFi network name from the list and enter your Internet password.
  • Repeat the above step if your router supports dual-band, i.e. 5GHz. Just as you hit Next, Apply settings that take about 60 seconds depending on the speed of your network and the distance between your router and the Netgear Extender.

You will finally see your Netgear Ex6400 Setup name after that, which will be your Home-WiFi-Network-Name EXT. Now unplug the Range Extender and place it halfway between your router and the location where you need WiFi signals. Place it away from large appliances for optimum speed, which may interfere with the signals of the Netgear WiFi Extender.